Are you READY for Steemmonsters? Top tanks of each splinter

Battle for everyone starts this Sunday, 14th October. Have you bought enough packs and cards for the battle? Remember, you need a Summoner first, before any other Monster cards for each Splinter (color).

As we countdown to the launch, let me introduce some of the best Monster cards for each splinter. Today we start with the best Tank monster.

A good Tank must have the abilities to take damage, deals attacks, and enough health or shield to last longer rounds.

Fire Splinter tank

The characteristics of Fire splinter is high damage and high speed. The weakness is a lack of healing abilities and shield. This makes Fire one of the hardest splinter to form a strong and lasting team.

The Serpentine Soldier is one of the best tank card in this splinter, with its Dodge you can rely on misses, and Shield to make it tougher against the opponent’s melee attacker.

Alternatively, you can consider Pit Ogre which has Void to reduce Magic damage, or Elemental Pheonix and gamble on its Dodge and Fly for high rate of misses.

Water Splinter tank

Water is all about Magic. You would want a really strong tank to fend off all damage while your Magic monsters do their job at the back.

Unfortunately, there are really no good tank in Water splinter and I think Frost Giant is one of the better choice. But it is a legendary card and cost 7 mana, which may be too much to use in a 20 mana battle.

Naga Warrior and Frozen Soldier are the next logical choice. But during our testnet battles, these 2 cards are simply to weak to be useful

Earth Splinter tank

Earth strongest weapon is Ranged attack. The longer your tank last, the more advantage you gain over the rounds.

The best tank here is a close fight between Stone Golem and Flesh Golem but I will go with Stone Golem as it costs 1 mana less. Both cards have abilities to take reduced damage so it depends on who you actually matched up with.

Life Splinter tank

Healing and Resurrect are the strongest abilities in Steemmonsters and the Life Splinter is the only class that has both of these skills. Using Angel of Light and Divine Healer is almost a sure win combo. However, in a 20 mana game, it is not possible to field both of them in the same team.

Clay Golem is the best tank in Life, or even the whole of Steemmonsters. With Void and a high health together with double healing from AOL and Divine Healer, it is really really hard to take this monster down.

Death Splinter tank

Death is all about buffs and nerts and cheap and quantity.

With Magic Reflect and void, Haunted Spirit is great against most magic team. At only 5 mana and 10 health and self healing, it is also a cheap tank to use.

Neutral Splinter tank

Neutral is probably the class that has the most usable tanks. Peaceful Giant with incredible health and Raging Impaler with shield and piercing.

Another alternative tank in Neutral is Hydra. This is a very strong legendary card that self heals, Thorns and Retaliate which are excellent damaging skills.

Which is your favourite Tank monster? Tell me about it in the comment below. The best comments win a Beta card above.

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