Be careful when selling on steemmonsters market

Made a mistake earlier when I listed 5 Gold Foil Summoners card on the market. Instead of $44, I listed them at $0.44 each, on the Peakmonsters marketplace.

Within seconds, notifications from Gina alerted of the sale. 😱😱. All 5 GF cards sold for a mere 2.5 Steem!

Luckily, it was @mys bot who picked up the purchase. @mys is a fellow sm player in the Discord server and so glad that he was the one who bought it. He promptly agreed to send back the cards to me, and of course I had to thank him with a few Steem for all the troubles.

Apparently he is not the only bot out there snatching on lower than market deals. There are at least 2 other bots trying to pick up my cards too.

Therefore, please be careful when selling valuable cards on the market. Always double check the price and not make the same mistake as I did.

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