Fighting plagiarism on steemit with @steemcleaners

Plagiarism is a serious issue on steemit. As we aim to become the top blogging platform on the internet, we need to ensure that original contents are created on the steem blockchain. However, every single day, we are seeing abusers copying contents and posting on their own steemit account. This behaviour is strongly frown upon and the community is encouraged to take action.

Introducing @steemcleaners

The @steemcleaners was started by witness @anyx some 2 years ago. It is one of the most important gate keeper of steemit, keeping the platform free of content abusers.

Any users of steemit can report acts of abuse or plagiarism to @steemcleaners, either disclosing their identity or remain anonymous, and get incentives for doing so.

Refer to the announcement post by @steemcleaners

To report an abuse, simply to go and fill in the relevant info. Importantly are link to the post containing the abuse, and some descriptions or links to the original contents that was plagiarised.

Your username is kept confidential by steemcleaners and not revealed in any report. This protects you from any retaliation and possible downvotes.

By participating in reporting abuse or plagiarism, you help keep steemit a better place for original content creators, and you get rewarded too.

I had so far reported 2 cases of plagiarism to steemcleaners via this form and got rewarded 0.3 SP for each.

Do your part. Report plagiarism. Get rewarded.

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