JRVacation is now on Steemit

Yes! JRVacation.com is now on Steemit!

Since January of this year, jrvacation.com will be starting our blogging journey on steemit.com.

What is steemit.com?

Steemit.com is a Decentralized Social Blogging platform built on top of the Steem Blockchain. It aims to incentivise bloggers and content creators. By running on the Steem Blockchain, bloggers like us are rewarded with the cryptocurrencies Steem and Steem Backed Dollars.

Wait wait wait… Blockchain? Decentralized? I have no idea what you are talking about

Well, all the technicalities aside, steemit.com is basically a place where you …

  • Blogs
  • And earn

… simple as that.

I will be covering more in depth usage of steemit and steem in future post. Just remember to follow us and let’s learn together!

So… will you still be blogging at jrvacation.com?

We think so! Our main blogs will still be at jrvacation.com

steem.jrvacation.com will be a place where we share our steemit experience and hopes to introduce to other bloggers.

Great! Can I join steemit.com too?

Sure! Hop over to steemit.com and register for an account. The current registration process is a little slow though, averaging about 2-3 weeks for approval. Be sure to keep checking your email for the approval.

We will see you at steemit.com/@jrvacation!!