Steemit Tools #1 – Steemnow

As an active steemian, it is important to use the various tools available to know more about your steemit account.

Starting today, let me introduce you to some of the tools that we use to help monitor our account.

Steemnow is a tool created by @penguinpablo. It is lightweight, fast, and display lots of useful information about your account.

At the dashboard, you can have a quick overview;

  • Name and Reputation
  • Amount of Steem in your account
  • Amount of SBD in your account
  • Amount of SP in your account
  • Upvote value of your 100% vote at this point

Next is a voting power bar. This shows your remaining voting power and the time it takes before it reaches 100%. To maximise your upvote value, it is recommended to keep your voting power as close to 100% as possible. As a rule of thumb, you should be doing 10 times of 100% Upvote every 24 hours.

Next, we can also see each and every Upvotes that you receive for your post. You can click on the steemian name to see his Dashboard, which will review his Reputation and SP.

The next interest info is your pending payouts. This is a summary of all your posts that is pending for payout and the total rewards.

Overall, I would recommend as your first tool to use. These are all the useful info you need to check everyday.

Have a question about steemnow? Drop me a comment.

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