Steemit Tools #2 –

Another great steemit tool is This tool is created by @steemchiller and is packed full of features and insights to your account.

Besides the usual account info like Reputations, SP, STEEM, SBD, Voting Power, steemworld focus on showing you deep insights to your posts.

Summary tab

We can see when the post was created and how long more (up to the minute) to wait before payout day. It also shows you a rough estimate of what the author reward and curators rewards look like.

Votes tab

The votes tab is really interesting as you can see all your Upvoters, their voting weight, and the upvote value. A colored pie is also displayed and you can mouseover to see who your biggest Upvoters are

Images, Replies, Resteem, Transfers tab

The Images tab shows every picture you used in the post

The Replies tab shows all replies made to your post

The Resteem tab shows who resteem your post

The Transfer tab shows how much Steem/SBD was used in this post (mostly for bidbots)

At the bottom, you can check the Coming Author and Curation Rewards. This is especially useful if you would like to know how much earnings your comments are making. This feature makes more powerful than other tools available.

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