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The Steem blockchain uses a consensus algorithm known as Delegated Proof of Stake, or DPOS. This system relies on groups of people around the world to verify and create each block on the Steem Blockchain. These people are known as Witness.

Witness on the Steem Blockchain

Witnesses are generally trusted individuals elected from the community. Most of them crypto and technology experts, while others are community leaders and provide values to the Steem community. Each witness runs one or more servers (known as node) that produce blocks on the blockchain. These blocks contain all contents and transactions that you and me are creating every time we blogs, comments, send SBD, etc.

Witnesses are paid with Steem when they create a block. The highest earning witnesses are those in the top 21. Ranking are based on the total Steem Power voted on them by the community. In general, each of the top 21 witness can possibly earn up to $100,000 a year. But this figure is heavily dependent on the ever fluctuating Steem price.

On the Steem blockchain and Steemit, it is important for us to choose our witness carefully. Witnesses are expected to perform multiple duties such as agreeing to major changes (hardfork), keeping the blockchain and steemit a safe and enjoyable platform for everyone, provides values to everyone, helping minnows to grow and making decision that encourage the grown of Steem (price).


This site provides a list of all the witnesses on the Steem Blockchain. You can see the amount of Voters and the total Votes (in Million Vests) voted to each witness.

If you really care about the future of Steem, you should follow all the witnesses and keep track of what each of them are doing.

Use your vote wisely, as you can only vote up to a maximum of 30 witnesses. But that doesn’t mean you should vote them blindly.

Do your own research. Vote wisely. Grow Steem together.

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