Steemmonsters BETA Cards Released!


One week after the Alpha cards were sold out, @steemmonsters had just released the all new Beta cards! Head over to and check out all the new cards in the market now.

Check out these new monsters Neutral element class. These new monsters look more cartoonish and cuter. Most outstanding character is the Peaceful Giant that has 10 Health at Level 1, and no attack or defence stats. The Neutral monsters can be summoned by any summoner from the other splinters, and so there are no summoner in this class.

More filters at the Market to view Alpha or Beta cards.

Immediately bought 5 Beta packs to try my luck. Noticed the card design is different from the previous Alpha cards.

Got a Legendary Chromatic Dragon in the very first pack. The art for Alpha characters are also different. This helps to easily distinguish the new Beta cards from Alpha.

Another thing to note is the XP had been expanded by 10 times for all cards. You will now see 0/20 XP for your common cards instead of the previous 0/2 XP. Beta cards have 20% lesser XP, ie need more cards to combine and level up.

And looks like some lucky guy had already drawn a Gold Foil Legendary Hydra! Crazy!

Start collecting your @steemmonsters Beta cards now. Or buy the Alpha cards from the market now, because the price will surely increase in the near future!

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