Steemmonsters – Burn cards report #2×0/

The smburn rate has started slowing down and we have just a handful of participants in the last few days. So far, this initiative had burnt about $20 worth of cards, that is close to 1000 cards. The biggest supporter is @onetin84 who contribute more than $6 worth of burnt cards.

Perhaps because of this campaign, we are no longer seeing $0,01 cards on the market. Rusty Android and Highland Archers are now at $0.02.

Below are the list of smburn posts (upvoted) (upvoted) (upvoted by @dreamryder007) (upvoted by @beeyou) (upvoted by @onetin84) (upvoted) (upvoted) (upvoted) (upvoted by @onetin84) (queue) (queue) (queue) (queue)

After a week of trial, I would like to hear your opinion of this intiative. Do you think this is good for new and old players? Does it make a difference to cards prices? Do you think this should continue to run? Do you have any suggestions to improve this?

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