Steemmonsters ranking

The Steemmonsters Season 1 Leaderboard is getting more and more competitive. I am currently ranked at 100, just enough to appear on the Leaderboard page 🙂

Highest rating achieved was 4012 and 25 packs assured. Finding it hard to compete in these recent conflicts against the steemmonsters whales (players who have maxed of everything). And the latest “Back to basics” challenge is especially annoying. All the top players are using the same deck. Although I too have a maxed Earth team, but lacking a maxed Peaceful Giant is the key. And I hate to use meta decks too. Been trying to create a team that can take down the meta, but it is mathematically impossible.

Looking forward to Season 2 where we can expect many changes. New matchmaking and league should bring a fairer game for all players. Hopefully there will be lesser complaints on the Discord channels.

A few upcoming balancing will not be popular for most players, as we are seeing a huge nerfs for Death team (on Zintar). That is great for me! I don’t use Death team.

It is important for the SM team to continue balancing the game such that it is playable by players of any levels, and keep innovating and coming out with different game modes and rewards. All of these makes the game exciting and not just a static card game. Once the tournament is released, I am sure steemmonsters will start attracting more non-steemit users and players.

Since I am not using Death team, I had been selling all the black cards on the market. So for a giveaway here, I will be randomly selecting and gift out black cards. Just put a comment below on what you think of the game so far.

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