SteemMonsters Testnet – the strongest team so far

Having been playing on the Steem Monsters testnet for the past few days, all the Mavericks agree that the Life team is the strongest. A combination of Angel of Light, Divine Healer, a tough tank, and a couple of sneaking attackers, this team is really hard to beat.

To stand a chance against this team, you need a similar sneak attacking team and lots of luck by using high dodge and evade monsters survive.

The Death team is the next strongest team. Cheap mana and lots of buffs and nerfs make them hard to take down. Black is also one of the most fun splinter to play with as there are so many different combinations to try. I think it is a very balanced splinter and not much adjustment is needed.

Fire splinter is fast and strong especially when used with Malric Inferno. This is one of the best Fire team by daringly using Elemental Pheonix as a tank, relying on its Fly and Dodge for misses. There are no fire cards with healing and that is the biggest weakness in this splinter. When matched with a Life team with double heal, Fire is at a huge disadvantage as the battle progress into the later rounds.

Water team is interesting to use and experiment with. The strongest cards here are obviously the Magic monsters together with Alric boost. Magic bypass Shields and hit the opponent directly. With a strong combination between Medusa, Mermaid and Pixie, you can take down even the strongest tank. But a Sneaking team will defeat you easily when they attack from the back.

The weakest and unplayable splinter is definitely Earth. High Mana cost, weak buffs and abilities, and too many ranged attackers, make the green team the least popular choice among the Mavericks testers. So far, none of us managed to create a decent green team.

In this testnet, we are using maxed level cards. But when the game is publicly released, there will be different tiers (4 of them) to accomodate players with different levels of card collection. I am predicting that each of these tiers will have very different result. For example, Angel of Light’s Resurrection is only available when maxed, ie tier 4. And Pixxie gains his Trample ability at Tier 2, which will make it very playable.

In a week or two, the game will be released for everyone. Can’t wait to play it with all my friends!

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