Steemmonsters winners announced and new contest

Congratulations to the below winners

You have each won a set of the Fire splinter set

Steemmonsters is a Whale

@steemmonsters recently became a Whale after powering up 200K steem power. The account is giving back to the community by curating Steem Monsters post. As a Maverick, @jrvacation is able to provide a @steemmonster upvote at 50% voting power worth close to $3.


To encourage more steemians to start playing Steem Monsters, I will be giving out this upvote to the best posts. Simply write a post about steemmonsters and what you think of it, and drop the link in the comment.

– You must already have a starters pack
– Use the steemmonsters tag
– Post must be about what you think of steemmonsters
– This is only open to the #cn, #japanese, #teammalaysia, #teamsingapore community members only

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