#teammalaysia in Singapore

The guys from #teammalaysia were in Singapore for the Consensus SG event held at Marina Bay Sands and we met up with them for a quick catch up over at Starbucks.

@bitrocker2020, @aaronleang, @joannewong and @awesomianist, together with the 4 of us in Singapore, @jrvacation (R), @culgin, @seanytan, and @fr3eze

It was nice to see @aaronleang and @joannewong again after the KL meetup and I got to finally meet a Steem witness in @bitrocker2020. These are the leaders of #teammalaysia who are actively promoting blockchain and Steemit in Malaysia and recently, they had organised a hugely successful event in Kota Kinabalu – the Borneo Blockchain Summit 2018.

Over the short 2 hours meet up, we talked about Steemit stuffs, and the different Dapps that were created in recent months. Especially @steemhunt as both @bitrocker2020 and @joannewong were moderators in the team. It was great to hang out with steemians who have deep knowledge and experience in this blockchain and ecosystem.

They will be attending the last day of the Consensus event today before heading back to KL. I hope you guys had enjoyed the short trip here. Do contacts us if you are coming to Singapore in the future and we will try to gather more steemians here to meet up.

And to @bitrocker2020, @aaronleang, @joannewong and @awesomianist, this below banner is for you. We shall see you in Krakow. Novemeber. Steemfest. 不见不散。

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