The road to Steemfest – Expectations

The topic for this week’s #roadtosteemfest by @anomadsoul is “My expectations about Krakow and the social activites during Steem Fest”. To be honest, J and me had never been to Poland, or Europe, before. This will be our first journey out of Asia and Australia, and our first time on a 14 hours flight, for a total of 9449 kilometers. Since we are flying that far, we decided we should spend some time to explore some parts of Central Europe. We will fly into Prague one week before steemfest and then travel to Vienna and/or Budapest. Still not decided on them, not sure if there is enough time to cover all 3 cities in a week. If anyone has any recommendations please let us know 😁

We are not that into the technical aspect of blockchain or cryptocurrency, and not really looking forward to the conference talks. But I am sure there will be non technical activities that are suitable for people like us?
Recently, I been hooked on the @steemmonsters card game and had been buying up lots of packs. So I hope to see anything about steemmonsters at steemfest. Or perhaps the sm team could organize some kind of tournament exclusive for steemfest? Although I am not sure how the gameplay or tourney looks like, but steemfest will be a great platform to run a gaming event too.
What we most look forward to is meeting up with steemians all around the world, especially those form Malaysia and Japan whom we met before. Let’s catch up guys!
Lastly, we would like to thank @knozaki2015 for sponsoring one free ticket to us. Thank you!!

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